Different wizard modules allow the generation of NURBS surfaces from curves and parameters. In particular there are modules for:
  1. Sail design. Bermuda mainsail and jib/genoa, symmetrical and asymmetrical spinnakers from standard measurements parameters. Output of real and rated areas (Spanish RN and IMS).
  2. Appendages design. Keel, rudder and bulb from a profile curve and up to three foil shapes (NACA 4 & 5 digit series).
  3. Extrusion/Revolution surfaces design. Generation of surfaces by extrusion or revolution of a master curve along/around an axis.
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Description and general information about jSDN
NURBS editor, with projection views and 3D model visualisation
NURBS creation from digitised or DXF lines plans
Tools for special NURBS generation operations
Lines processing program
Velocity prediction program