jSDN is a NURBS based yacht modelling and analysis software. It is based on SDN, but it has been redesigned with many new functionalities and much more accurate calculations, which are being validated with real designs. Although SDN was programmed in C, jSDN has been developed using the Java language, so that it can be run on many operating systems (it has been tested on Apple OS X and Windows XP, and it should work in many flavours of Linux). The only requisites are:
  1. A Java virtual machine (JDK 1.4 or above)
  2. The Java 3D software (J3D 1.4 or above)
The main goal of jSDN is allowing the designer to fast prototype any kind of sailing yacht, including elements like hull, spars, sails and appendages. Although it is not limited to sailing vessels, both the working procedure and tools are targeted and optimised for those.
jSDN Yacht Design Software
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Description and general information about jSDN
NURBS editor, with projection views and 3D model visualisation
NURBS creation from digitised or DXF lines plans
Tools for special NURBS generation operations
Lines processing program
Velocity prediction program